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Meet the Leadership Team

Official Portrait - Dr. Terry Adirim

Dr. Terry Adirim

Program Executive Director Electronic Health Record Modernization Integration Office

Dr. Adirim (a-DEE’-rim) reports directly to VA’s Deputy Secretary and is responsible for leading cross-organizational and cross-functional coordination of communication and implementation strategies, to include functional, technical, and program management.

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  • Dr. David Massaro

    Doctor David Massaro

    Acting Senior Medical Advisor, Functional Champion, Office of the Functional Champion

  • Eddie C. Riley

    Official Portrait - Mr. Eddie C. Riley

    Chief of Staff

  • Laura Prietula

    Official Portrait - Laura Prietula

    Deputy Chief Information Officer

  • Dr. Leslie Sofocleous

    Official Portrait - Dr. Leslie Sofocleous

    Acting Executive Director, Program Management Office

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Electronic Health Record Modernization

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