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VA announces strategic review of Electronic Health Record Modernization program

March 19, 2021 | Department of Veterans Affairs | VA Press Release | Views: 9317 | Print

WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the strategic review of the electronic health record modernization program today after Secretary Denis McDonough’s initial assessment of the program within his first month in office.

The strategic review consists of a full assessment of the ongoing electronic health record modernization program to ensure continued success for all future EHR deployments. This assessment period will not exceed 12 weeks.

“A successful EHR deployment is essential in the delivery of lifetime, world-class health care for our Veterans,” said McDonough. “After a rigorous review of our most-recent deployment at Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center, it is apparent that a strategic review is necessary. VA remains committed to the Cerner Millennium solution, and we must get this right for Veterans.”

McDonough further explained that VA employees’ diligence while executing the EHR deployment in the face of a challenging and unanticipated global pandemic cannot be overlooked.

“Our dedicated VA professionals continue to work feverishly on this effort even as we maneuver through the complexities and surges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said McDonough.

VA’s ongoing analysis of the Mann-Grandstaff Initial Operating Capability (IOC) post-deployment activities have precipitated the need for a schedule shift. While Columbus is currently scheduled to remain the next “go-live” site, the order of subsequent deployments may be revised as a result of this strategic review.

The strategic review will focus on identifying areas for additional productivity and clinical workflow optimization at Mann-Grandstaff and upcoming “go-live” sites, conducting further research into Veteran-centered improvements for the patient portal experience, data syndication and revenue cycle improvements.

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